OMG: Internet Connection With 2Gbps Speed

Google began offering 1Gbps internet speed recently, which seems to have lost its charm infront of this new technology

The world watched in awe when Google announced 1 Gbps fibre service in Kansas City of Japan. While Indian start-up in Kochi was trying to be at par, Japan has created something much better to offer. Leaving the 1 Gbps lines behind, a new ISP by Sony – ‘So-Net’ has begun to offer 2 Gbps line in Japan. And the high point is the cost of this solution. One month of the 2 Gbps line service will cost you just $51 per month on a contract of 2 years, which is $20 less than the cost of Google Fiber, which costs $71 per month.So-Net has started to roll out their services for the residents and businesses around the city of Tokyo. The provider is offering an Optical Network Unit (ONT) which will help the blazing fast optical lines to convert into broadband lines. And if the user has got the right hardware, he can enjoy blazing fast speed and pause-less 4K resolution YouTube videos.