Create QR-Codes For Free

TEC-IT releases the freeware QR-Code Studio to provide a quick and convenient way of QR code creation for every application scenario.


QR codes are bi-dimensional codes that can be scanned with most camera equipped smartphones. QR codes can be found on advertisements and in marketing campaigns for linking products to websites, in sweepstakes, on electronic business cards (meCard/vCard) to encode contact details, on tickets and vouchers, on the new SEPA money transfer slips or on web-sites to provide faster access to smartphone apps. This software is supported Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.

Using TEC-IT’s freeware QR-Code Studio anyone can create QR codes fast and easily. QR-Code Studio can be downloaded from The software and the generated QR codes are free for private and non-commercial use.


Alternatives for Photoshop

By downloading softwares given below you can do everything without spending a penny.

Photoshop has let down many students and low budget designers, who were unable to make investment for the license fee of the software. One cannot deny that Photoshop is having a huge fan following across the globe but there are many alternatives that you can give you everything without spending a single penny.

 By using these tools, you can do ‘almost’ every thing that Adobe’s software can. The only constraint might be the PSD format, the Photoshop file format which is has become more of an industry standard to exchange layered designs. Though few tools like GIMP do provide options to convert your layered file into PSD format but i would suggest you to consider this point before choosing your free Open Source Alternatives.


Gimp is by far the most feature rich and popular open source alternative to Adobe’s Photoshop. And it will definitely not let you down. It is a cross-platform software and is supported by a large group of people. However the GIMP team does not officially offer any Windows installation, but is can easily be installed using the Windows installers by Jernej Simon.

GIMP provides a complete suite of tools including paint tools, colour correction, cloning, selection, and enhancement etc.
Price: Free
Platforms: Linux, Mac, Microsoft Windows, FreeBSD, Solaris, AmigaOS 4
#2 Paint.NET

Paint.NET is a free image and photo editing tool for computers. IT runs on Windows. The software features a creative and innovative user interface that supports layering, unlimited undo, special effects etc. Its active and increasing online community can help you with friendly tutorials and plugins.

Price: Free
Platform: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

#3 GIMPshop

GIMPshop is popularly known as a software with GIMP’s powers and Photoshop’s look and feel. It is an altered version of the free software GIMP, which intents to make the Photoshop users feel at home. It includes all GIMP’s advantages like the long feature list and customisations, together with a modified the menu to closely match with Photoshop’s. It has also adjusted its terminologies to match with Adobe’s version.

Price: Free
Platforms: Mac, Linux, Microsoft Windows, Solaris
#4 Pixlr Editor

Pixlr is a powerful web-based photo editor which works at a similar layout like Photoshop CS do. It has a good interface and a whole lot of features like layers, filters, magic wand, styling, texting et al. The best part is that you do not even need a signup or installation, just open the website and get started. And because it is web based you can use it on PCs, smartphones, tablets or any other gadget with internet!

Price: Free
Platforms: All (web based)

How to remove Duplicate files in Windows 7 and 8

Duplicate files are big burden to clean up,but inorder to keep your computer faster you must find a way to trash the duplicate files periodically.

One can not find each and every duplicate file manually,especially if you have huge data in your harddisk.To do this boring and repetitive task we need to go for a Softwares which can make things easier.

DeDupler is one of the best Windows cleaning tool which is you can download for Free.It will run on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 and on both OS versions (32 bit and 64 bit )

Removing duplicate files DeDupler involves very few steps and It provides many filters and features like Type of Scan ( MD5 and SHA512 ),Custom location,Custom file extension and maximum file size.

Step 1 :

Select the Directory to be scanned and click on Examinate any file to set filters


Step 2 :

Select the type of scan,Choose file extensions and filter the file size.

MD5 is a faster method but if you want to have high accuracy rate then go for SHA512.


Step 3 :

Close the Settings and start the scan by clicking on option “Search for Duplicity


Step 4:

You will get a list of duplicate files and you can proceed with either deleting all the duplicate files or deleting the duplicate files and making links to original file or just leave the files wthout making any change


Thats it,You saved your PC from becoming slow .

Downloads :- DEDUPLER