A C Prog. to draw Indian Map 

void main()
int a,b,c;
for (b=c=10;a=”- FIGURE?, UMKC,XYZHello Folks,\
TFy!QJu ROo TNn(ROo)SLq SLq ULo+\
T|S~Pn SPm SOn TNn ULo0ULo#ULo-W\
Hq!WFs XDt!” [b+++21]; )

for(; a– > 64 ; )
putchar ( ++c==’Z’ ? c = c/ 9:33^b&1);


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Computer Programming Ebooks – Free and Legal Download

Check out the collection Free Ebook’s for Learning Programming Languages like C/C++,Java,Python,Lisp etc.These ebooks are absolutely Free and it is legal to Download and use.

Taking consideration of article length,I am limiting this list with only popular programming languages and for other programming languages like  R,Lua,Haskell and Version Control System’s will be updated in upcoming articles.


Programming Language basics

Android – free Ebooks

C / C++ – free Ebooks

ColdFusion – free Ebooks

Delphi / Pascal – free Ebooks

Django – free Ebooks

F# – free Ebooks

HTML / CSS – free Ebooks

Java – free Ebooks

JavaScript – free Ebooks

JavaScript (Node.js specific) – free Ebooks

Latex – free Ebooks

Lisp – free Ebooks

.NET (C# / VB / Nemerle / Visual Studio) – free Ebooks

Objective-C – free Ebooks

Oracle PL/SQL – free Ebooks

Perl – free Ebooks

PHP – free Ebooks

PostgreSQL – free Ebooks

Python – free Ebooks

Here is a Vast collection of Python books : The best free resources to Learn Python Programming Language and Python Frameworks

Ruby – free Ebooks

SQL (implementation agnostic) – free Ebooks


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