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Five Basic Linux Commands For Beginners


Linux as an open source operating system has been favoured by those who have the technical know-how and are fed-up of Microsoft Windows lack of freedom as well as privacy. But compared to Windows, Linux requires commands that need to be used for basic functions such as setting date or time, changing password or even logging out of the system.While the professionals are aware of these commands and steps, when it comes to beginners on the Linux platform, they could have some tough time figuring out the methods.[Read More]

10 top IT skills for 2013

IT Job Seekers can Expect Multiple Offers, Survey Claims

Recruiting firm CyberCoders has released new data about the skills most in demand for the highest paying technology jobs this year. The company analysed over 10,000 tech companies and their hiring requirements to compile the list of the hottest skills in the tech space.[Read more].

Create QR-Codes For Free


TEC-IT releases the freeware QR-Code Studio to provide a quick and convenient way of QR code creation for every application scenario.

QR codes are bi-dimensional codes that can be scanned with most camera equipped smartphones. QR codes can be found on advertisements and in marketing campaigns for linking products to websites[Read More].

Apple seeks Android source code from Google: Report


The company founded by late visionary Steve Jobs has asked a US court to direct the world’s biggest internet search company to handover the source code of its Android operating system.[Read more].

How to install .tar.gz and other tarball files in Linux


Tar.gz, .tgz, tar.bz2, .tbz2 are compressed tarball files which contains source code of the application. Tarball is used largely in Linux and is parts of GNU project. Most of the applications source code are available in tar files. The installation of file from the source can be complicated at first glance but you will find it completely sophisticated once you are used to it. It is extremely important to understand the installation method because some of the application doesn’t provides the package format for particular distros. Meanwhile, it also gives your brief overview of the organization of files in Linux and how installation works in Linux. Tarball is supported by every Linux distribution.[Read more]


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