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Download Youtube Videos from Terminal in Fedora Linux


Shocked!! Yeah guys we can download not only videos from YOUTUBE but also from DAILYMOTION, METACAFE and many more using Terminal in Fedora. Just follow the steps given below :[Read more].

All that you need to know about Graphic accelerators in Smartphones

nvidia_tegra3_chipThe development of modern smartphones is similar to the development of computers, only sizes are different. It means that smartphones have processors, RAM, memory drive and, surely, graphic accelerator. Graphic accelerator is a chip which provides realistic and colorful graphics for 3D games.[Read more].

Differences Between Dual Core And Single Core Processor


A Multi  Core processor is a CPU with two separate cores on the same die, each with its own cache. It’s the equivalent of getting two microprocessors in one.

In a SINGLE CORE or traditional processor the CPU is fed strings of instructions it must order, execute, then selectively store in its cache for quick retrieval.[Read More].

Steps to configure Mobile Broadband in your Ubuntu


Ubuntu will automatically detect the mobile broadband after few minutes you plug in the device.

These are the steps to add the repository and configure the mobile broadband in your ubuntu[Read more].

Steps To Create Your Own Android App


Are dreaming of developing your own android app?

Here’s a snippet that will give you details about what you will need to develop a android app and where you will find them.

Android is basically a Linux based operating system with java interface.[Read more].


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